Are we redeemable, are we really?

We are a ridiculous bunch of insignificant life forms, people talk about alien abductions, and I think if that was to ever happen it would just be to feed their pet Gorn.

As a kid, I loved shows like Star Trek and dreamed of space flight and finding strange new worlds. I also wanted to help look for intelligent life. But how would we know it if we saw it? Seeing what a mess we have made of our own world and how little knowledge we actually have of the universe.

There is a reason God calls us sheep in the bible because sheep are dumb.

We are just tiny specs on a tiny rock hurtling around in space, and we think we are all so super important and that every thought that crosses our minds is made of pure gold. When the truth is this planet existed for thousands or maybe even millions of years before our brief appearance and hundreds of years from now no one will even remember 99.9% of us.

If our time here was measured in a pie chart as compared to the time this planet has existed, it wouldn't be visible even by the most powerful microscopes. If one day is a grain of sand, the days of our lives wouldn't even fill up a tablespoon. We are so insignificant and that point cannot be made clear enough.

But as much as I scoff and the ridiculousness of our lives and the joke we have made of human relations, I have to say that I believe God still finds something redeemable in us. Why else would He have sent his only son to die for a bunch of ungrateful booger eaters like me and you?

Can you step back from your self-important, self-proclaimed expert on everything mindset for just a moment and look at us through the eyes of our creator. Knowing what you know about how hateful we are, how we murder our own flesh and blood, how more than half of us cannot keep a marriage intact, how our porn-addicted, drug-addicted perverse culture feeds off of judging others when most of us are guilty of far worse than our worst neighbor. Never mind the other countries, you don't have to look back that far to see how this country stole our land from the Indians, built a huge business on slave labor, and still, today take advantage of undocumented workers to grow our crops, build our houses, and raise our children.
We kill the unborn and celebrate the right to do so. We peddle flesh in human markets. We hoard our riches while some of our own people starve. We don't live within our means and when we get in financial trouble we ask for a government handout. This is who we are. Now ask yourself. If you were a supreme being, would you die for someone like you?

God doesn't love any of us because of who we are. He loves us despite who we are. But still, most of us spit in his face every day. We don't even really pretend to try to live better or have any remorse. But if you can for one moment just admit how dirty and nasty you really are and ask God to clean you up He would do so in the most marvelous way.

Not only would He clean you up, but He will also completely transform you into a new creation. Sure, you will still have struggles. But from that point forward you will want to stay as clean as humanly possible. You will no longer live for your earthly rewards. You will understand that all of this, everything under Heaven is just rubbish. No matter how high you climb in this life you will still be woefully short of God's glory.

Once you have a taste of what God can do in your life you will not want anything less.


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