Gmail Hack

G-mail users here is a little trick. Try adding + at the end of you user name and any other word or combination of words. So if you email is like this you can customize it to something like this Sometimes I customize mine so that I know who is selling my email address. For instance, if I am dealing with AT&T I will give them So if they ever sell or otherwise misuse my email, I will know where the advertiser got my email address.

It can also have other uses. So for example if you want to use one basic email address for each member of your family, you could set up a gmail account with your last name like and then assign each member of your family an email like this for your son, for your daughter, and for your wife. Then all of you could use the one gmail account and you could monitor the family emails much easier.

Another trick is to setup filters within gmail and have your custom emails filter into their own folders. That way it will be easier to keep emails from a certain companies or family members separate from each other.

There are all kinds of things you can do with this. So get creative.


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