Relationships are King!

I believe to truly succeed in life and business, you have to know that life and business is more about relationships, than transactions.

Case in point, today I received a call from a man that I had met when I found him stranded on the side of the road over two years ago. I gave him a hand and at the time I had no idea that he was a real estate investor. Later he came to me and asked me to help him find his next investment property. At the time I was working as a realtor but unfortunately I could not find a house that met his need.

More recently he came back to me and asked for my help in securing a loan on an investment property. I was able to provide a pre-approval for him. But the loan I offered did not meet all of his requirements. Which is okay. You cannot always make things work, no matter how hard you try.

I thought maybe that was the end of our business dealings. But then he called me today to tell that he was talking to his current realtor and that she was looking for another lender to work with. He told me she would be calling me. Even before we got of the phone I heard another call coming in. I let it go to voicemail. After all, I was talking to my friend who had just recommended me. At that moment, that was the most important call and all others could wait.

When we got done catching up and talking about the next time we would get together, we said our goodbyes and hung up. I did get a voicemail from that other caller. When I checked my voicemail it turned out to be my friends realtor. Now what you have to understand is, in my line of work folks will tell you that they recommended you to someone and most of the time they do, but that doesn't mean that the recommendation was strong enough to motivate the one receiving the recommendation to reach out to you. So I was presently surprised that his realtor had called me so quickly.

As it turned out not only had he recommenced me, but it was a very strong recommendation. I don't know exactly what he said to her, but it was clear she was eager to talk to me. When I called he,r she and I hit it off right away. We were on the phone for a long spell. I was telling her about my business and she was filling me in about what she needed in a lender and we are going to hopefully have a face to face meeting soon. It was a great result. Much better than I could have hoped for.

But getting back to my main point, I am sure, had I not taken the time to get to know my friend. Had I not stopped to help him that day, I would have missed out on a great friendship and this recommendation would have never happened. So as you go about your day. Don't over look the small stuff. You never know when something you say, or something you do, will come back to you in the way of a blessing. Put people first, always. Treat everyone with respect. Show people that you care, and work on building relationships.

My business is like so many other businesses. It is a numbers game. In order for me to get what I want, I have to help enough other people to get what they want. But it goes well beyond that. Even the people that you cannot help should be important to you. People won't remember what you said or did all the time. But they will remember how you made them feel. I tell you this story not to puff myself up. Not a single dollar has been added to my bank account because of my relationship with my friend. At least not yet. But the good things you do for people, even the people you cannot help, are like a small stone tossed into a big lake. When that stone breaks the surface of the water, it creates a small ripple, but those ripples go on and on and on until the circles they make are several times bigger than that small stone you tossed in the water. Someone told me once not to get lost in the weeds. Meaning to work only on those things that are productive. But if you are building relationships, it is always the most productive activity you can be involved in.

Relationships trump transactions every single time.


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