Parental Controls Are Not Perfect!

I use and highly recommend an app called McAfee Safe Family for keeping kids safer online on all platforms like PC's, Tablets, and Smart Phones. So far it is free, but I am guessing it will be a paid service sooner or later. If you want to try it out and need help setting it up, let me know. I would be glad to help.

However, I did say it helps to keep them safer, not safe. Like any program it is not perfect. For instance I found out today that although I can block my kids on just about any site or app I want with it, I can limit their time online, and I can use it to filter searches for things we wouldn't want our kids exposed too, that one of my kids found away around the filter through Facebook. Apparently they can go to Google's Facebook page and click on the google link on that page and it opens in a Facebook browser. They can also just search for Google or YouTube and from there they can search for and get access to any site or video content. so I am using the app to deny that kid Facebook access. I will also be checking the other kids tablet when he gets home later today.

Of course no matter how good the security is that you use, as parents, we can be the weakest link. It is up to us to inspect what we expect. You cannot, nor should you allow your children to have free access to the internet without safe guards in place. Our kids are not allowed on any device without us being in the room. But that don't mean they won't try stuff while you are in the room. I often grab their tablet when they least expect it to see that they are looking at. Apparently I don't do it often enough. I was trusting the app to be more thorough. As it turns out, it was me that needs to do a better job.

My next step is adding Open DNS back to the router that the kids connect too. It does a great job blocking sites and content. But no matter the tools you are using, it is your responsibility to know what you kids are doing online at all times.

I hope you are doing something to protect your kids online. I know many of you probably thing, ah, my kid would NEVER do anything wrong. Oh my friend, the devil works on your kids, just like he works on you and me. Remember the saying, idol hands are the the devil's workshop. There is a lot of truth in that. We need to be proactive in our children's lives. I know we can only protect them so much. I mean if they are school aged, they are learning a lot of good and bad stuff at school. We cannot be there 24/7. But we must do what we can do and not just leave our kids on their own to figure life out.

One day they will be on their own. One day the world will be open to then in a way that they cannot yet comprehend. If we don't help safe guard them now, the world will eat them alive. We need to teach them to protect their minds now, so they can protect their minds later. This isn't about living in a bubble. This is about doing your job as a mom or dad.

For more on McAfee Safe Family and Open DNS check out the video's below and visit their websites.


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