Get out of my life forever!

Earlier this year I was blotted out of someone's life and told never to contact them again. Sometimes these things happen, and it can happen for verious reasons. Sometimes it's our fault, some times it isn't.

But after some reflection I've realized that this isn't always a bad thing. I'd much rather hear this than have someone pretend to like me.

I also started thinking that more of us need to do this. Maybe not with people, but most certainly with the Devil. We tend to flirt with him. We allow him to tempt us over and over again.

The Bible warns that we should give no space to the Devil. That litterly means that we should shut him down and shut him out. The Bible also warns that we shouldn't think we can stand up to him. Surely he knows our weaknesses. We might think we can stand, but in reality, that's when we are most likely to fall.

So run from the Devil! Flee temptation! Rebuke the tempter! If you find it hard to resist him, call on the Lord for help!

I know we also lie to ourselves. We think that God will understand. We think one time won't hurt. We even think we deserve to be happy. But I'm hear to tell you that God doesn't understand, it is never just one time, and no, happiness isn't something you deserve.

There is only one way to please the Lord and that is to live holy lives and to repent when we fall short.


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