Google Play Music FAIL

I am very unhappy with the Google Play Music application and Google in general. I have used the Play Music app since it was first released. I loved how I could download my playlists and listen to music on my iPhone without having to use my cellular data.

But recently Google has made several changes to this app and those changes have made it all but impossible to download music to my phone. Plus music that was already on my phone has begun skipping to the next song without finishing the last song.

My music library is huge. Just my thumbs up playlist is a little over 9 GB and over 1,100 songs. I have noticed that if I stream music with this app that I don't have the skipping problem. But that isn't going to work for me. That would mean only listening when I have WiFi or cellular service and I am NOT going to use my data to use their app. I also ride motorcycles and love to listen to music as I ride. Many of the places I go, there isn't any cell service at all.

I had Google support call me yesterday (you can find this in the help section of the app), after I had tried to resolve this issue on my own over the last month. They basically blew me off. They said they do not support IOS devices. I am a paying customer and have been since they started offering unlimited streaming of music. I should get, and I expect, better service than that.

My wife and I both use this service. She is not having the same issue on her Android. We had been talking about going to their family plan so our sons could enjoy this on their tablets. But after the way they have shown so little regard for my account, I don't think that will happen.

 I am resetting my iPhone back to factory settings in a last ditched attempt to resolve this issue on my own. I do realize that the problem may just be with my phone. But if this doesn't fix the issue, I AM DONE! it is a huge pain in the ass to have to reset my phone and all my apps just to get one app to work properly. But I am doing this because I really did love this service when it worked as it should.

You may be wondering why I don't just use iTunes and or maybe apples streaming service. Well there are three reasons. First, iTunes and apples streaming service isn't the same. There would be a bump in cost for me, as I was an early adopter of Google Play Music's unlimited plan and received a discount ever since. Second, my family does not use only Apple products, so this would limit us or cause us to have to pay for two different types of music services. This would be an unnecessary expense. Third, over the years that I have used Google Play Music I have set up multiple play lists. I would not want to go through this process with a new provider. I just want the app I am already paying for to do what I has, up to this point, always done and that is to simply work.

I will be updating this blog post after I reset my phone. So stay tuned.


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