We Are So Lost!

Recently I was reminded of how it is to be new in town. To be a stranger in a strange land. As a Mortgage Banker, I have helped many families relocate over the years. But one recent customer related their experience to me and it got me to thinking about how hard it is to move to a new area. They have come from an area they knew so well to an area that is strange and new to them. They have done what so many are afraid to do. They just picked up and moved to a new town. Not only a new town, but a new way of life. Strange faces, strange places, and in a real way, they are starting over. It can leave one feeling lost.

It reminded me of a journey my first wife and I went on when we moved from the area we both grew up in, which was a small mountain community, to a big city, three hours away. Now we didn't move as far as this couple did, but the feeling is similar. We didn't know much about the area we were moving to. We found our apartment there using google maps. We didn't have time to do much research, as I was to start a new job in less than a month, and she had to scramble to find a job of her own there.

That first year was so hard. So much went wrong and by in large, we were left on our own to figure things out. My cousin did help us as much as he could, though he and his wife were in the middle of an adoption. We were starting over from scratch, left to find new friends and meet new neighbors. We also were forced to find restaurants, shopping, doctors, dentists, and places to worship on our own. It was tough going from the small town life the the hussle and bussle of the city. But even if we had moved form the city to the country, I am sure it would have been just as tough.

So I am going to commit myself to helping my customers that are moving here from out of town, and really anyone else that needs help, get settled in quicker. When the opportunity presents itself, I am going to help people assimilate into our area. I want to be a resource so people don't feel all alone. Even if it is just recommending local eateries, doctors, and even giving some a guided tour of their new home town. Whatever I can do to make the transition a smoother one, I am going to do .

With that in mind, I am going to add a section to my blog called WNC Resources, to help people find things they are interested in. I also want to hear from my readers. If you have a favorite spot to eat, play or shop, let me know about it. If you want to leave a review of a certain place, please send it to me and I will add it to the appropriate section of the blog.

Let's help make the transaction a smoother one for our new friends and neighbors.


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